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Decor at Hotel Continental

Both the past and the present feature strongly in the decor at Hotel Continental. Elements range from hand-painted wallpaper to glass art, busts and a large collection of paintings and lithographs.

Walking through Hotel Continental is like a journey through the history of art and culture. Below is a small sample of some of the art our guests can feast their eyes on during their stay:

  • Prints by Edvard Munch, Jens Johannessen, Dagfinn Knudsen and Bernard Buffet
  • Paintings by Jacob Weidemann, Bendik Riis, Olav Strømme, Liv Heier, Øystein Thurmann, Ulf Nilsen, Pierre Marie Brisson, Kjell Torriset, Rudolf Thygesen, Svein Bolling, Peter Esdale, Gunvor Advokat, Ulf Valde Jensen and Kåre Tveter
  • Photographs by Eivind Lentz

The art in Teatersalen

Hotel Continental’s largest and most magnificent banquet hall, Teatersalen, was built in 1960. Over the years, needs changed, and at the beginning of the 1980s architect Hans Gabriel Finne was commissioned to remodel the banquet hall so it could function equally well for banquets and business meetings. Decorative paintings from the old Rococo hall of our neighbouring hotel, Grand Hotel, built in 1895, which had been had been damaged in a fire in 1957, were found in an old barn. Hotel Continental bought the complete collection of panelling and embarked on the challenging task of restoring them to their former glory. The panelling was a perfect starting point for a lavish new banquet hall at Hotel Continental.

Laborious task

In autumn 1983, more than 1,000 metres of mouldings, 1,800 metres of gilt mouldings, 40 different sections of ceiling vaulting and 100 metres of dados were crafted and painted in a carpenter’s workshop. Teatersalen was refurbished in record speed between June and August 1984. On 24 August 1984, the new Teatersalen was finally complete with its borrowed motto: “For guests in time”.

The four seasons

Hotel Continental had four busts representing the four seasons that had been purchased some time earlier. They had originally belonged to Dagny Bjørnson, the daughter of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, one of Norway's most famous authors, and his wife Karoline. These faience busts were probably made in Brussels in the late 1700s or early 1800s. These four busts were placed in the smallest part of Teatersalen, which is now called “De Fire Årstider” (Four Seasons) after them.

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