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Edvard Munch at Hotel Continental

One of Norway’s largest private Munch collections can be seen in the lobby bar Dagligstuen at Hotel Continental. By sheer chance, the second-generation owner, Arne Boman Hansen, spotted 12 prints by Edvard Munch at an art dealer’s in Oslo.

Since Boman Hansen was interested in buying them all, he was offered a special price – for a mere NOK 5,500, he became the proud owner of the 12 authentic prints, which are now the cornerstone of the Hotel Continental’s investments in art and culture. Edvard Munch lived from 1863 to 1944 and was a renowned painter and graphic artist, in Norway and internationally. Indeed he helped pioneer expressionism.

Our collection

Our collection comprises the following prints:

  1. Towards the forest I, 1897, woodcut
  2. Melancholy III, 1896, woodcut
  3. Vampire II, 1895–1902, lithograph and combination print
  4. The last hour, 1917, woodcut
  5. Workers, 1903, etching
  6. Brothel scene, 1930, lithograph
  7. Kiss IV, 1902, woodcut
  8. Helge Rode, 1908–09, lithograph
  9. Marta Sandal, 1902, lithograph
  10. Dr. Daniel Jacobsen, 1908–09, lithograph
  11. Wolfgang Gurlitt, 1912, lithograph
  12. Self-portrait, 1895, lithograph

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